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full coverage can for G27 racing, magnet height 10,7mm (.421"), total length 16,8mm (.661"), inside diameter for magnets 16,1mm (.633"), outside diameter grinded to 17mm (.669"), diameter for endbell is 16mm (.630")
FULL COVERAGE CAN DIA .630 LIGHT picture80ea52.50

New Cahoza cans are made from high quality steel plate with thickness of 0,7mm (.0275") which has got high durability and hardness of 800 MPa. The result shape of can is done by EDM and after bending to the final shape holes for bearing and screws are drilled. This provides absolute accuracy of the bearing hole which is precisely in the axis of ID. Hole for bearing is 5,02mm (.1976") wide. The whole can is made by hand and this provides the absolute accuracy and precision. You do not have to grind or cut or alter anything as it is needed at Koford and other cans. Cans are made so that magnets are protected and covered over the whole area of magnets. Cans are made so that they provide as lightest weight as possible. You can only fit Cahoza endbell .630 to these cans. Inside diameter for magnets is cut to 16,15mm (.635").

All Cahoza G27 cans were tested for more than 3 years before we found out the best material for making these cans and plenty of shapes and sizes were tested too. The technology of making is a novelty at Cahoza and the handwork ensures the absolute accuracy of these cans. By testing the motors where the Cahoza cans and endbells are used we found out that those cans are the best in the world and motors are faster and last longer than with other cans. Because of that the shape of the can is done by EDM, we can change the shape, length and height like the magnets which are being used.

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