Thu 27th Jul 2017
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· gears
· axles & epoxy
· guides and nuts
· spacers
· front wheels & rims
· silver solder
· ball bearings
· tools
· cans G27
· mini setups and parts for Scale
· single endbells
· assembled endbells
· endbell parts
· G12 production motors and setups
· G12 motors - top blueprinted
· G12 setups - top blueprinted
· motor and endbell parts for G12 motors
· G12 ceramic magnets
· parts for bodies
· Cahoza wear


this chassis is made from hardened steel plate with thickness of 1mm (.039") by EDM cutting, this chassis is used in Cahoza Cup serial, nickel plated, use for C-can G12 motors, in fact unbreakable, very fast and suitable for clubs as one of possibilities to professional racing for low cost, can be used with all types of bodies, this chassis was designed by Cahoza and Recek, produced by Recek, available only at Cahoza

distribution available at email
USA Alpha
USA ERI distributor
USA Camen
rest of world Cahoza

Maximum discount on chassis #281 is 30%.

Cahoza company has been producing chassis for more than 20 years and their chassis have won a plenty of races, the reason for that is that we are still developing and we use the best material. We offer only the newest chassis which are perfectly assembled and all the parts are done by EDM technology. All our chassis belong to the absolute top in the world.
Since 2004 Cahoza organizes it's own championship called Cahoza Cup. All products for this cup are granted by Cahoza. You can have a look at where you can find all the info about this championship and so forth. All products allowed in this championship are only from Cahoza, except for armatures and brushes. Armatures are Koford Tristar X12 and brushes are Koford too. Cahoza thanks to Koford for his high quality armatures and brushes.

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